Model Fatman

Elegant custom electric bass

The Fatman is an elegant custom electric bass that combines natural, flowing lines with an edgy presence. Standard, the Fatman features 24-fret capillary neck with a 34 inch scale, and active tone control. Of course, this instrument is also available with a different neck construction and passive tone control. The Fatman custom electric bass is available as 4-, 5- and 6-string, both fretted and fretless.

Unlike its name suggests the Fatman has a low weight due to its slim body design. Combined with its lightweight tuners this results in an excellent weight balance. For further weight reduction the body is preferably made of light weight woods.

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Ergonomic neck design

The Fatman is designed for maximum ease of playing. Standard, the back of the neck has an asymmetric profile. This means that the neck is planed to the shape of the hand. Due to this ergonomic design the neck feels a remarkably comfortable and fast. The neck to body joint is shaped very smoothly. This ensures easy access up to the highest positions.

Customize your personal electric bass

The Fatman is completely hand built to your individual needs. As a bass player, do you have special preferences regarding woods, pickups, electronics and hardware? Are you looking for a specific sound? Feel free to contact, I’ll be glad to advise you about your own customized Fatman electric bass.

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