Deluxe handmade bass guitars

HermanMulderbass Handmade Bass Guitars is located in the village of Siegerswoude, in the rural north of The Netherlands. The countryside gives me the inspiration and peace of mind to turn each handcrafted bass into something extraordinary. As a small-scale lutherie I like to stay away as far as possible from series production. All my handmade bassesare one-off instruments. With a Mulderbass you’ll own something truly personal.

Old-school bass guitar builder

Mulderbass takes pride in traditional craftsmanship. In my workshop I prefer the use of old school tools such as plane, gouge and file. For sure, a time consuming process. But nothing beats watching an instrument gradually take shape. As a bass guitar builder I try to put my fascination with wood into each single instrument. I find it magical to turn the natural pattern of grains and colors into a work of art.

Drop by in the woodshop

At Mulderbass you’re always welcome by appointment. Drop by on weekdays and weekends, daytime and evening. Are you considering the build of your own handmade bass guitar? Or maybe you just want to see a traditional bass maker at work? Feel free to take contact and make an appointment.