One-off custom bass guitars

Mulderbass is a luthier from Holland specializing in superb custom basses. No instrument is alike at Mulderbass. Each custom made bass leaving the woodshop is a one-off. A truly unique instrument of which only one exists. Every Mulderbass is traditionally handcrafted with patience and dedication.

A passion for wood and fine details

It’s all about wood at Mulderbass. Each instrument is built from carefully selected woods. Naturally, each piece of wood is chosen for its tonal sound character. Appearance is just as important, though. Each Mulderbass stands out for its breathtaking top wood and fine details. For example, think of wooden pickup covers with matching grain patterns. Also, think of matching wooden knobs. It is these subtle details that give each Mulderbass something exceptional.

Have your dream bass built by luthier Mulderbass from Holland

Are you looking for a bass you can’t keep your eyes off – let alone your hands? Please, share your wishes with Mulderbass. Your instrument will be built entirely to your individual playing style and preferences. As a result you’ll own a true exotic like no one else has. A fully customized bass with the playability, looks and sound you prefer.